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I have been a Professional Astrologer for over 30 years now, and I specialize in Astrology with a "Pagan" flavour. Astrology is such a vast field of study and practice, and there are numerous approaches to this subject - many different types of Astrology, and a multitude of styles of interpretation and teaching.

In my research, which is never-ending, I have noticed a distinct lack of source material for magickal or pagan-oriented interpretations of one's chart - so I decided to do something about that and offer my own special blend of interpretation.

If you're tired of "doom and gloom" Astrologers, or ones who only deal with "mundane" issues, you've come to the right place!

My approach to teaching classes and interpreting charts is intuitive, psychological (Jungian), spiritual, magickal and logical.

Charts and Readings

Are you at a crossroads or transition period in your life? Wondering how long it will last, and how best to deal with the challenges and take advantage of opportunities?

Or have you met someone and wonder if a relationship with them will be in alignment with your spiritual path? Will they be a magickal support for you, or a mild distraction from your work?

Or, do you just need a "reality check"?

If you would like a personal analysis of your chart, in a language geared to your level of understanding (and not "AstroSpeak" which might be over your head and not very useful), please go to the following link and choose from among many different types of services for the one(s) which will be the most helpful for you:

Online Classes

Do you want to learn more about this mysterious subject so you can follow the cycles of your life and make more well-informed decisions and plans?

Would you like to learn how to analyze the charts of your lover, friends or family and see how you can best work together, or help them to gain perspective on their own issues?

Or, do you have dreams of  yourself becoming a Professional Astrologer?

For more information on my online classes and training program, which covers the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels of study (and eventual certification), please go to the following link:

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