Astrology Charts and Consultation Services
by Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear

Natal Chart with Interpretation
1 Hour
Want to see the "larger picture" of your life purpose and lessons - your inherent talents, strengths, potentials and challenges? This reading is the basis for all other types of astrological analysis.
Phone consultation.

Relationship Compatibility Analysis
90 Minutes
Referred to as "Synastry", this is an in-depth comparison between your natal chart and that of someone else in your life. Whether it is a friend, employer, potential business partner, romantic attraction or soulmate, this reading will show you what each person is putting into the relationship, and the potentials and/or challenges between you. (If you wish to compare more than 2 people - for example, if you want to see how all members of your coven or grove work together - add $50 for each additional person). Phone consultation.

New Baby Gift Chart with Interpretation
1 Hour
If you or a friend or family member have just had a new baby, this is the perfect way to get a "sneak preview" of the type of potentials, tendencies, interests and challenges that you can expect from the new little person! (For twins, triplets or more, add $30 for each new baby). Phone consultation.

Future Transit Analysis
6 Months - 1 Hour
1 Year - 90 Minutes

Transits deal with where the planets are at any given time, and this reading will show you what planetary cycles are affecting you now and in the near future (either 6 months or 1 year). "Forewarned is forearmed" - as the saying goes, and you will be able to better prepare yourself for upcoming changes, opportunities or challenges - which will result in your being able to make wiser, more informed decisions in your life. When you know the energies you are working with, you can align yourself more closely with your chosen path! Phone consultation.

Vocational Analysis
90 Minutes
Is your present job or career track right for you? Or are you having trouble deciding what kind of career you want? This reading will provide an in-depth analysis of your talents, potentials, strengths and challenges - giving you a unique perspective on the most compatible type of work or career path for you. Phone consultation.

Relocation Analysis
90 Minutes
Thinking of moving? Is this really the right move for you? Or would you be happier or more prosperous somewhere else? This reading - referred to as "Astrocartography" - explores where your planetary lines fall and cross each other, giving specific guidance as to the places that would most support your goals and lifestyle and emotional needs. Phone consultation.

Date Selection Consultation
90 Minutes
Planning a wedding? A birth? A special ritual? A trip? Starting a business? Using what is called "Electional" Astrology, this reading will look into the future "transits" (see above description) and determine the most opportune time (or times for you to choose from) for your event to have the best energies working for it - planting your seeds in fertile soil, so to speak, for the most favourable outcome. Phone consultation.

Soul Purpose Analysis
90 Minutes
Explores such questions as: "Why am I here to learn this time around?" and "How can I best utilize my talents and knowledge to accomplish this?" This reading will look deeply into the more "esoteric" side of your chart, and mainly deal with issues of a spiritual nature. Phone consultation.

Employee Compatibility Analysis
90 Minutes
FOR EMPLOYERS: Similar to relationship analysis, but focuses on how well an employee will fit into your company. Tired of frequent turnovers? This reading is the ultimate screening tool for the aware employer. Phone consultation, or analysis can be written and sent by email or snail mail.

Business Partner Compatibility Analysis
90 Minutes
FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: Similar to relationship analysis, but focuses on finding a compatible business partner who shares your goals and vision and concerns regarding the running of the workplace. This reading will also compare a potential partner's basic personality traits to see if they mesh with yours - you want someone you can also get along with, right? Phone consultation, or analysis can be written and sent by email or snail mail.

These rates include the following:

*The Chart Wheel sent to you via email (or snail mail, if you prefer)
*Additional charts, maps or tables as deemed necessary
*Phone Consultation (see times above for length of specific readings)



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I have accumulated 30 years of experience with Astrology and Paganism,
and my approach to teaching classes and interpreting charts is
intuitive, psychological, spiritual, magickal and logical.
I will show that this process uses "both sides of the brain" - which is why
Astrology is referred to as both an Art and a Science.

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