Class Syllabus 101

Lesson 1-a:  Short History of Astrology

Lesson 1-b:  Signs – Keywords

Lesson 1-c:  Sign Descriptions – Traditional and Esoteric/Pagan

Lesson 2-a:  Planets

Lesson 2-b:  Planets in Signs

Lesson 2-c:  Retrograde Planets

Lesson 3-a:  Houses & House Patterns

Lesson 3-b:  Planets in Houses

Lesson 3-c:  Rising Signs (Ascendants)

Lesson 4-a:  Signs on House Cusps

Lesson 4-b:  Elements

Lesson 4-c:  Qualities

Midterm Quiz

Lesson 5-a:  Aspects

Lesson 5-b:  Planets in Aspect

Lesson 6:     Sun-Moon Combinations

Lesson 7:     Beginning Integration

Final Exam