Four Advanced Cycles and one Intermediate cycle
currently in session

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This class will cover all the basics of "Traditional" Western Astrology plus additional information especially for Pagans.

Starting at the "Beginner's" level (each level will include 7 lessons) and then moving into "Intermediate" and "Advanced",  your knowledge will deepen and expand with each level.

You will learn:

-- All the components that make up a chart (Planets, Signs, Houses & Aspects)

-- Your strengths, potentials, obstacles and challenges

-- Meanings of the 28 Moon phases and their planetary rulers

-- How to see the "larger picture" of your life purpose and lessons

-- The cycles of your life (transiting planets) and how to use them to make informed decisions and choices that will be in alignment with your higher purpose

-- How to use the planetary energies in ritual for growth and transformation

-- How you relate to the significant people in your life

All this - and more!

I have over 30 years of experience with Astrology and Paganism, and my approach to teaching and interpreting charts is intuitive, psychological, spiritual, magickal and logical. I will show that this process uses "both sides of the brain" - which is why Astrology is referred to as both an Art and a Science.

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The current Intermediate session that began in Winter 2005
will be the last group session for a long while -
I am taking a "HIATUS" from teaching the "group" classes,
but - I will continue to be available for the
(Email me for particulars)


Private Tutoring now available!

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